From 1.4 to 1.5

Multiple attributes for mail and mobile

You can now configure multiple LDAP attributes for mail and mobile. The search will be done in each attribute, the first value found will be used.

The old parameters $mail_attribute and $sms_attribute need to be replaced by $mail_attributes and $sms_attributes which are now an array of values:

$mail_attributes = array( "mail", "gosaMailAlternateAddress", "proxyAddresses" );
$sms_attributes = array( "mobile", "pager", "ipPhone", "homephone" );

Rate limit

Now rate limit configuration is applied to all features:

  • Password change

  • Password reset by questions

  • Password reset by tokens (mail or SMS)

  • SSH key change


Before 1.5, it was just used with tokens.

Another improvement is the possibility to adapt rate limit by IP, see $ratelimit_filter_by_ip_jsonfile parameter.


The password can now be hashed with Argon2. To use it, just set it into $hash parameter:

$hash = "ARGON2";


We now hide by default the error “mail not found”, this can be reverted by editing the $obscure_failure_messages parameter. See security documentation for more information.

PHP compatibility

Version 1.5 should now be working with latest PHP version.